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Recent Work

Some selected pieces from recent years. Click on an image to see a larger view of the piece.

Note: For more recent work use the recent links in the Featured Piece page.


 Arrowhead.  The internal essence of the bowl is revealed through sandcarving.




 Small footed skeleton bowl with vertical ribs.




 Round bottomed skeleton bowl.




 Douglas Fir.  This Strata series represents the current state of the art in woodturned Douglas fir.  Polished outside surface and slightly textured (sandblasted) inside surface.




 Winter Solstice Series #1.  Oak. A fairly large piece to allow the power of the volume to speak.




 Monkey Puzzle Set. The variations in color are natural staining and spalting to a wood that is otherwise often bland. Read more here.




 Douglas fir.  This is my entry in the AAW "Turning Green" exhibit. Read more here.




 Also Douglas fir.  One of my pieces in the del Mano Gallery Small Treasures exhibit. The interior of these pieces has been textured to produce 'ribs' that provide sensory contrast to the smooth outside surface. This piece is on the front cover of the July 2007 AAW journal.



 Another one of my pieces in the del Mano Gallery Small Treasures exhibit.




Open And Closed in Fir (2007).  I am always trying to push the limit on what wood can be successfully turned.  This wood is very challenging, but the magic can be well worth the effort.  Natural edge Douglas Fir. These breakthrough pieces are the first bowls like them available anywhere.



 Douglas fir bowl with single natural edge - Essence Series.  Read more  here.




Bleached maple burl bowl that has been sanded back to bring out the grain detail and then polished to the point of suggesting stone instead of wood.





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