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Featured Piece - September  2007

Strata Series #3 (2007)

Douglas fir with sandblasted interior,  
9 ¼ in. height x 11 ½ width x 11 ¾ length


This round bottomed vessel is a continuation of my Strata Series. The title of the series refers to the inspiration from layers in nature, such as in sedimentary rock.  To my knowledge I am pioneering the use of Douglas fir as a material for museum quality turnings.  The material is so challenging to work with that it has traditionally not be accepted as suitable for woodturning, although that is changing slightly.

The rim of the bowl is formed by the outside of the tree surface just below the bark.  The outside of the bowl is polished while the inside has been sandblasted to created a contrasting texture.

This piece is an example of my pushing limits both in the use of challenging materials as well as in regard to form in general.  As with the previous featured piece, although it would have been safer to create a vessel with a rounder, more closed profile, I have deliberately chosen to create extra tension  in the piece by pushing the limits on how open (how wide at the rim relative to the waist) the piece is, while still retaining the statement of  bowl.  I relish that extra edginess, and the boldness such a statement makes as compared to a more typical and conservative form.  The proportions help tell the story here, as the piece is over 9 inches tall while only 11 3/4 inches in the longest direction.  The result is a statement of power and confidence by the vessel. 


The piece is part of an national traveling exhibition called "Far from the Tree" that will open in the Messler Gallery  September 14 - November 22, 2007.  Here is an except from the Messler Gallery website:

"Far From the Tree presents a visual history of woodturning’s emergence as a vibrant artistic form over the past sixty years."  "At the center of the exhibit are pioneering artists Bob Stocksdale, Rude Osolnik, Mel Lindquist, James Prestini, and Ed Moulthrop who focused on the natural beauty of wood by utilizing simple vessel forms, all of whom are now deceased. From that core radiates the work of influential contemporary artists who have expanded the language of the medium in new directions. The works on display feature a broad range of sensibilities, yet are related through their use of wood, lathe and a shared history."


The price of this piece is $2650. 

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