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Featured Piece - October  2007 (posted 10/15)

Ollie, Stan and Friend (2007)

Ollie: 8 ¼ in. height by 7 ¼ width by 7 ⅞ length
Stan: 8 ¼ in. height by 6 ¼ width
Friend:  6 in. height by 8 ½  width
All pieces are Oak, sandblasted and bleached.

These trio of pieces is from my Winter Solstice Series of sandblasted and bleached oak vessels.  This grouping is a study in form, with the two taller vessels in particular. These two share the same height but have different widths.  Although they each make a strong and successful statement separately (Ollie was the featured piece in August), when placed together the immediate contrast between the pieces changes the impact of each piece.  Separately Ollie is a stronger piece to me with it's fuller curve and larger and  bolder volume, but side by side the energy and refinement of Stan's vertical elegance stands out.  The third vessel is a shorter, round bottomed vessel to round out the grouping.

This grouping is not for sale.

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