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November, 2006

Revelations (2006)

Skeleton Bowl from the Bones of the Tree series


 For the last few years I have been pursuing  a series I call the "Bones of the Tree" in which the internal structure of the wood-the bones -is more completely revealed.  I call the individual pieces "skeleton bowls."  In this dramatic work, wood between the grain lines is totally removed and the skeleton of the bowls remain. 

In this featured skeleton bowl, the whole bowl is heavily carved and a "v" on each side of the bowl has been carved through leaving only the grain lines.

The intention of this piece is to make a statement of a man made object with a deliberate form that relates directly to traditional vessels of wood and clay, while enhancing the organic quality of the piece through a thoughtful revealing of the material.  Key here is the orientation of the ribs in the bowl, especially at the rim.  By limiting the portion of the bowls skeleton that is fully revealed, windows are created that strengthen the contrast of the inside and outside of the piece.  Creating a window that is sympathetic to the overall form and lines of the piece adds design opportunity.

For more on the "Bones of the Tree" series go to Sandcarved Bowls.

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