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March  2007

Three Monkey Puzzle Bowl Set
Monkey Puzzle,
4 in. height by 5 ½ width, 7 in. height by 11 in. width 8 ¼ in. height by 14 in. width


These pieces are examples of my pushing limits with monkey puzzle wood.  The pieces are feather weight in the hands, and I enjoy how the biggest piece when held serves as a container of air.  For exquisite tactile balance, the rims on these pieces are the thickest place in their wall.  The largest bowl weights only  365 grams.

The dark color in the pieces is a result of natural staining after the wood is cut, which I carefully promote and monitor before I finish turn and dry the pieces.  Those patterns and the spalting that accompanies it add interest to a wood that is often rather bland in larger pieces on it's own.


This piece has been sold.

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