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Featured Piece - June 2010


Skeleton Tube Series #2 (2010)

Douglas fir:   Turned, sandcarved

20 ½ inches high by 5 ¼  inches wide

It is the second skeleton tube in the series (the first one won a AAW purchase award and is in the AAW permanent collection), and is about 25 percent taller than the last one.  This piece took even longer than the first one, approximately 60 hrs spread over several weeks.  I took advantage of a couple of lessons I learned making the first piece.  It will be some time before I can find time to tackle another similar fully skeletonized tube.


Here's the text that accompanies the piece on the AAW website.

My passion is the exploration of the power of simple forms - including studying the impact of manipulations of the visual elements in the wood.

This columnar form allows for a very focused display of the energy of the internal elements of the wood -- which is further affected by the angle at which the piece asserts itself in its space.


A closeup.



It sits on little "feet".

This piece has been SOLD.

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