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July  2007


Skeleton Bowl (2007)
From the Bones of the Tree series

Douglas Fir, turned and sandcarved, approximately 5 ½  in. height by 8 ½  in. length

This piece is a Skeleton Bowl from my ongoing Bones of the Tree series.  Except for bands of "flesh" that tie the bones together (and the very bottom area) , the flesh has been sand carved away completely exposing the ribs. This series is exploring the interaction between the structural elements of the wood in a vessel and the vessel's shape, to create an overall emotional statement of form.

The pieces is round bottomed, of course.  You can read a bit more on my sandcarved work here.


This piece was sold for $2500. at the AAW symposium banquet auction in Portland.


All rights reserved İBill Luce, 2007

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