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Featured Piece - February 2011


Roots 2011 (2011)

Madrone, acrylic:   Turned, painted rim

4 ╝  inches high by 6 inches wide

I turned this small round bottomed bowl for the upcoming AAW  exhibit Roots: An Artist's Vision.  It represents earlier work of mine - using simple wood and simple forms to make a simple statement. 

The rim is accented with black acrylic, and the outside surface of the vessel is highly polished to present the absolute maximum clarity of the grain detail.

My later work is based on the same fundamental principles,  but often includes manipulation of the vessels' surface through sandblasting and color to magnify the interaction of the material and the shape itself.

One of the aspects I enjoy about creating a quiet piece such as this one is the challenge.  With no built in drama or distraction to hide behind, the basic form (closed round bottom bowl) is very unforgiving both in design and execution.


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