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Featured Piece -February 2010


Untitled Bowl from Bamboo Series (2009)

Douglas fir, pigment:   Turned, sandblasted

 5 inches high by 4 ˝ inches wide

This piece comes from my Bamboo series, inspired by the qualities and color in the horizontal bands.

It is challenging to create a piece small enough to fit in your hands, yet still has a strong power of its own. The appeal draws the viewer to want to hold the piece, to experience it tactically as well as visually. The success of this piece comes from qualities in addition to its strong overall form.

The asymmetric natural edge rim infuses added life and suggests a natural front (and rear) not found in the typical bird's mouth approach to natural edge bowls. Transcending a mere vessel, this choice in design significantly changes the way we respond to a piece.

A contemplative mood is set by the overall color -- dark but yet not black. Harmonious energies are created by the contrasting lighter “bamboo” bands that flow in horizontal layers descending from the rim.

The closer you look the more detail you see-- both inside and out the ribs have been raised through controlled sandblasting. The fine, vertical texture between each rib has been pigmented adding contrast for the eye in addition to the texture for the hand. The feel of this piece is alive - picking up the ubiquitous highly polished bowl immediately afterwards can feel cold and plastic.

Lastly the piece has a subtle auditory treat for the senses. You can't help but run your hands over the texture as you hold it releasing the sound of the surface making it even harder to put down once picked up.


This piece will be in the upcoming show and catalog for Small Treasures 2010 exhibit at the del Mano Gallery.  Inquiries as to availability can be made directly to that gallery.  (This piece has been sold.)


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