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Featured Piece - April 2011


Untitled Bowl

Douglas fir, pigment:   Turned, sandblasted

4 ½  inches high by 6 ¼ inches diameter

This piece will be in the AAW  Professional Outreach eBay auction in April.  All the money raised by the auction benefits the AAW Professional Outreach Program for improvements including updating the AAW website. 

EDIT: The AAW charity auction is going currently, until morning of April 16 (Saturday).  All of the auctions can be seen here



The outside and inside of the piece have been sandblasted and a pigment has been applied.  Notice that the rings in the upper section of the vessel are darker and redder than the lower section.  This is because this is the heartwood of the tree, and the sapwood forms the lower secion.


Here's a detail shot looking down  into the bowl showing the inside bottom.


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