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Featured Piece -April  2010


Natural Edge Curly Maple  Bowl (2010)

Big Leaf Maple:   Turned, bleached

6 inches high by 9 ½ inches wide

Price:  $2150.


Detail of Rippled Rim


This piece is a strong full form of a round bottomed bowl.  Sports a rippled natural edge rim and very curly maple wood that has been repeatedly bleached and left a flat matte rather than having a polished surface. 

It's an less soothing effect than a polished surface, but in this case I chose the treatment deliberately as I wanted the edgier impact.  Not for the masses maybe, but I stand by the more stark or even austere statement of the piece.


This piece will be in the AAW exhibit this summer "Acer Medley."  Following is the text that accompanies the piece in the show's catalog.  That exhibit is currently running in the AAW Gallery in St. Paul until December 19th, 2010 for anyone in that area that wants to see the piece.

Here's a link to the online catalog of that exhibit, the printed catalog is excellent and is available through the AAW Gallery.


Big leaf maple, found in the Pacific Northwest, is one of the largest native deciduous trees getting as large as 8 ft in diameter. This bowl takes advantage of one of the most quilted Big Leaf Maple Trees I have had the good fortune to come across. The folds in the grain form strong vertical patterns in the vessel, a wonderful contrast to the ripples they form on the rim on of the piece. The large size of the maple allows for a flatter and more balanced natural edge rim, providing strength of form when viewed from all directions.

This piece was bleached to remove the distraction of the patterns of color in the wood, leaving a simple statement of form and texture. Also, the piece has extra meaning to me because it was from wood I gathered with a good friend.  That friend, John Swanson, passed away last year. We reminisced about that outing in one of my visits with John in the hospital, and I wished he could have seen the finished piece.

Price:  $2150.  Currently available through the AAW.

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