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Featured Piece - October 2011


Photo: William Edwards

Rough Chainsaw Tubes (2011)

 Douglas fir.  Chainsaw.
Various sizes, through 64 inches high by 18 inches


This month is a sneak preview of some future work that is in the pipeline.  Larger explorations in the tube form, chainsaw carved. 

These pieces are Douglas fir, and are open on each end and hollowed throughout.  The pieces will be further shaped and refined and the final shaping stage is to tweak the rims and the way the pieces sits to maximize the piece's character and energy.  It's amazing how very small changes in "attitude" really change the overall statement of a piece.

Some of them will be be sandcarved to reveal the topology of the grain.  This will add a great deal of surface complexity to the pieces, and my intent will become more clear as to the energies of the bends and distortions in the forms.

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