This piece is my entry to the AAW Professional Outread Program invitational exhibition "Harmony." For this show I explored a range of attributes that made a sphere more or less harmonious to me.  Even subtle differences in size, shape, grain patterns, texture, color, finish (matte vs glossy) each contributed to the overall emotion the piece conveyed to a surprising degree when similar pieces were experienced side by side.


Here's text I submitted with my entry for the show:


What could be more harmonious to experience than a perfect, smooth sphere?

The answer -- an imperfect sphere.


The first feels dead in the hands, like a cold croquet ball. In comparison, the second feels round enough to be comforting, but the deliberate slight out-of-roundness adds a strong organic quality -- as we subconsciously know there are no perfect spheres in nature. The rough texture and subtle weather cracking convey to the viewer/participant a real world object, imbuing a warm feeling of familiarity and well being.