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Featured Piece - March 2013



Sabani Series #3 (2013)

 6 inches h  x 6 inches wide x 15 inches long

Douglas fir: turned, sculpted, sandblasted


This piece is my submission  to the AAW juried exhibition Currents. I was pleased it made the jury cut of 130 entries down to 25 selected pieces for the show. 


The following is text from my submission:


This piece is from a larger series I call the Sabani Series. My inspiration is the small handmade seagoing canoes I often saw as a youth while living on the island of Okinawa. I would watch them for hours bobbing about in the ocean currents far from shore. The solo fishermen would usually spend the whole day free diving with no equipment except for homemade wooden goggles, catching/spearing fish, octopus, eels, etc. Sometimes they would make a fire on the beach as soon as they got back to shore and cook some of the tastiest morsels on the coals before heading home.


At the same time the worn and weathered surface of this piece is reminiscent of a piece of wood washed up on shore by those same currents, slowly giving itself up to the relentless waves, sun and wind.


The price of this piece is $2650 USD.


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