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I turn large round-bottomed bowls that are functional art, which I call "Celebration Bowls." These graceful closed-style bowls have lower curves that rest well on any surface, from a tabletop to a person's lap. The balance and the voluptuous line instill a sense of harmony and well-being to the viewer or holder.

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I create these pieces to enhance the celebration of life, either as a life-enriching art piece, as a sensual object to hold and contemplate, or as an addition to a family's festive traditions.  I began creating my Celebration bowls before I had learned about traditional Hawaiian bowls, often loosely referred to as a "Calabash". But I am inspired by the magnificent traditions surrounding the creation, use and reverence of traditional Hawaiian bowls, and am working to continue the wonderful tradition of that culture with my own bowls.

I can only create these bowls as the wood of this large size becomes available, so some delay in the availability of a Celebration bowl is common.  Prices on these bowls range from approximately $800 to $2500 USD.


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